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Remote Optimization & Certification Subscription

  • Overview +

    TMC offers new and existing customers a cost effective way of ensuring their active vibration cancellation and field cancellation systems are at their optimal performance. Now tool owners, facility managers, and researchers can have the peace of mind their Mag-NetX, STACIS, SEM-Base, LaserTable-Base, Tool-Base and other Active Products are regularly optimized and performing to their highest potential while focusing on what is most important to them: their tool yield and throughput, tool uptime, and ongoing critical research.

    The Annual Remote Service Subscription includes monthly health checks with optimization and certification performed remotely by a TMC service engineer. An advanced new Graphical Interface with the new powerful operating firmware for the DC-2020 enables users to view the response of our system. This same firmware package enables a TMC engineer to remotely monitor these signals, measure the system performance and re-optimize when needed. No visit from a TMC engineer, no travel costs, faster response time, and more immediate results. Ultimately saving the user and the facility time and money.

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  • What's Included +

    Monthly virtual visits by a TMC service engineer who will perform:

    • Upgrade to latest controller firmware
    • System Hardware status check
    • Monitoring of system control gains and stability
    • Optimization of gains
    • Performance monitoring
    • Certification report with performance data
    • 10% discount on all non-warranty replacement parts if any hardware faults are identified during the Remote Optimization-Certification.
    • 25% discount on all non-warranty on-site visits when required.
    • 30% discount on any additional remote sessions outside the twelve (12) monthly virtual visits during the term of the subscription.

  • Requirements +

    • STACIS, SEM-Base, TOOL-Base, or LaserTable-Base system(s) with DC-2020 controller(s) with an Ethernet port on each controller. System with DC-2000 controllers require a controller upgrade to DC-2020.
    • DC-2020 firmware Revision D and newer. Controllers with older firmwares will be upgraded to Rev. D free of charge.
    • Mag-NetX: Systems shipped in 2015 or earlier will require a new controller.
    • Computer with:
      • A web browser (Edge Chromium, Chrome or Firefox recommended)
      • An Ethernet port
      • A stable high-speed internet connection via a network interface different than the Ethernet port used to connect to the controller (e.g. Wi-Fi)
      • An installed remote sharing or remote desktop access application, e.g. TeamViewer
    • On-site customer delegate to install TMC diagnostic software on customer computer (one-time)
    • On-site customer delegate to connect the computer to the controller(s) and allow the remote session (every session)
    • In cases where more than one DC-2020 controller is supporting the same payload, an RJ45 Ethernet splitter is required to connect the computer to all controllers simultaneously